Ubercube Pre-Alpha 1.1 released !

Hi everyone !

Ubercube Pre-Alpha 1.1 is out and full of features !

First of all now you don't need to compile the game yourself anymore, we provide a custom launcher that includes an update system so that we can patch the game if needed ! The launcher gives you the possibility to play on are own servers for free, or if you want to play privately with your friends you can also create a server yourself !

We added a basic in game menu with options to control the mouse sensibility, the sound volume and more. It will be populated with more options in each update.

A big part of this update was about stability fixes and bug fixes, the game is more stable than ever before, you shouldn't have crashes, but if you do, feel free to report them by submitting an issue with the log.txt in the appdata/roaming/.ubercube/data folder.

For more information's on the development of the game we have a public trello page.

Have fun and good game !

Full change log:

  • Remove the fly mode
  • Fix the chat messages not showing sometimes
  • Fix the pings
  • Add a VSync option
  • Fix the TDM spawn offseting at each respawn
  • Improve the chat
  • Fix the hit sound and make it local
  • BulletHit need a reference to the player that fired it
  • Make better trees
  • Added the minimap location
  • Show players in there teams on tab
  • Added back the background image in the loading screen
  • Improve the network stability
  • Change the font
  • Secure damage system (on server)
  • Allow different procedural maps
  • Add a spawn time to take damage
  • Added back fir trees
  • Create different world types (Normal, Snowy)
  • Add a flag at the teams spawn
  • Generate a different seed each time the server is started
  • Fix uncreated log file on startup
  • Verify client version before connecting to the server
  • Fix grenade right click
  • Draw collision debugs with F2
  • Remove collision detection for NetworkedClients
  • Fix grenade throwing
  • Add a death animation (Very basic)
  • Send packets in a queue using on thread per remote clients
  • Receive packets using one thread per remote clients
  • Send packets in a queue in only one thread
  • Create a Log text file
  • Fix the step, make it possible to step on the sides
  • Fix tchat last line offset
  • Automate the compatibility of shaders to version 120
  • Limite grenades to 10
  • Fix packet size overflow when theres to much damage on the map on connection
  • Interpolate physics
  • Add grenade sounds
  • Build with maven
  • death screen appears when other player is killed
  • Fix bottom blocks and make them indestructible
  • Remove Profiler's crash
  • Implemented a better falling system
  • Render player weapon on a different frame buffer to fix block clipping
  • Worked on fall damage
  • Track down performance issues using the debug system and fixe them
  • Make players die correctly
  • Create a death screen with a re spawn button
  • Fix memory leak
  • Create a debug system
  • Add a basic in game menu
  • Fix bullet hit damage when more people connect
  • Make explosions deal damages to player + Everybody see grenade
  • Better damage system
  • Basic Game mode: TDM

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I downloaded this game, still don't understand how to play

Doesn't work in macOS, but I don't think it's a game problem, but rather the LWJGL 3 library. Regards };P

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Could you send me the log.txt file, it should be located in your ~/Library/Application Support/.ubercube/data/macos, I don't have a mac so I couldn't test the build. Send it directlyat this link -> https://github.com/ubercube/ubercube/issues/new Thanks for the help !

Issue reported -> https://github.com/ubercube/ubercube/issues/7 Probably not an error in the LWJGL 3 library. I have been wrong before. Pleased to be able to help !!